Postcard Properties is a real estate investment & development company specializing in residential real estate. (remove) projects. The company’s investment thesis is to acquire strategically located assets at attractive prices and unlock value through a variety of disciplines. The company targets two distinct markets; multi-unit TIC development and ground up single family for sale. The company’s current portfolio consists of projects throughout the bay area. Postcard Properties employs a conservative approach to the underwriting process, utilizing reasonable forecasts with a goal of exceeding investor expectations. In addition, re-sale forecasts are based solely on today’s prices and do not consider any market appreciation. The deal structure is designed to align the interest of all parties by providing the developer a performance incentive after the investor receives a preferred return.

The General Partner always invests at least 10% of the equity in every project and has been the largest investor in many deals. Postcard Properties has over a decade of experience with more than 20 projects to its credit resulting in excess of $100m in residential real estate sales. The company has also consistently delivered attractive returns with a historical 25%+ annualized return since inception.